Curious and would like to know

Curious and would like to know

Postby yogiyang » Tue 30. Jun 2015, 07:13

Is Q7Basic live and kicking?

I don't see much developers posting here.

How copies of Q7Basic are sold till date?

Just curious.
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Re: Curious and would like to know

Postby Slowdown » Tue 30. Jun 2015, 19:30

Hi Yogiyang,

The last update of Q7Basic is from august 2012.
In a few months it will be 3 years old and i know that Q7B must be compiled with the Qt library's and
the current version of Qt isn't compatible with Qt 4.8.x version so if Bernd want's to update Q7B he have to rewrite a large
part of the Q7B code.
Bernd went back to school so i guess he had not the time to work on Q7B.
I don't use Q7B at this moment i have switched to Lazarus / FreePascal because i had a project i wanted
to finished wich could not be done with Q7B.
But i look at the forum once or twice in a week.
I promise if Bernd comes back i start using Q7B again ;)
For copies of Q7B see but don't know if all is working.

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