The status of Q7Basic project?

The status of Q7Basic project?

Postby Basic_man » Thu 19. Mar 2015, 09:00

I am a long term basic programmer, and found this Q7Basic a few weeks ago. I was able to download the Linux version, and got it running on Ubuntu Linux 12.04

However, I am also interested in the Windows version (some in-house projects here), but I do not know, if I can get by paying the lisence fee? Could anyone confirm, that this project is still alive, and can the Windows version be bought to get it?

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Re: The status of Q7Basic project?

Postby Slowdown » Thu 19. Mar 2015, 20:15

There is one person who can answer this for you.
Ask Bernd, perhaps send him an e-mail at
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Re: The status of Q7Basic project?

Postby KLBorowsky » Sat 27. Jun 2015, 19:53

What about Q7Basic and Windows 7, 8, 10?

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