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access database in Kbasic

PostPosted: Tue 28. Apr 2015, 14:20
by Okto
Hi, I am migrating from VB6 to Kbasic, usually I'm using the access database .mdb with the VB6, kindly advise how to write the following lines in Kbasic way :
' The define / declaration of database and it's tables

Dim wrkjet As Workspace
Dim dbkenari As Database
Dim rsbirds As Recordset

Set wrkjet = CreateWorkspace("", "admin", "", dbUseJet)
Set dbkenari = wrkjet.OpenDatabase("kenari.mdb")
Set rsbirds = dbkenari.OpenRecordset("birds")

and how to put the database value into variable :
for example : (Mbirdname as string)
Mbirdname = rsbirds!name

Thank you,

Re: access database in Kbasic

PostPosted: Thu 30. Apr 2015, 00:11
by Henning
Hi Okto,

You can handle an acces DB using SQL. You said KBasic, but this example is for the newer Q7Basic (Basic4QT).
Hope it will give you some hints.
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